2 Months of (Soul-Soothing) Self-Employment

2 months of soul-soothing self-employment

It’s been a little over two months since I’ve told the world I’m a (career/life)coach for international women.

While the first month was about telling the world I’m a women’s coach, the second month has been about actually coaching women and getting paid for it for the very first time.

Not a whole lot – I’m realizing now that the financial goals I set for myself before starting out were a *tad* unrealistic for the first phase of my self-employment and will take a bit longer for me to reach. Which is completely fine, as I’ve also realized that most business actually take up to a year or longer (!) to make any kind of income at all.

I’ve been reading a lot of  blogs and checking out even more websites by self-employed women / lifecoaches and I’ve realized that hardly anyone out there talks about the reality of starting out as a coach, or even being self-employed, in general. Instead, a lot of people make it sound as if *BOOM*, they were successful and earned thousands of dollars overnight, while looking fabulous and airbrushed at the same time. I think not.

Which is why I’ve decided to share with you, in numbers and images, what self-employment for me has looked like his month.

people reached

money made


time spent

As you can see, I’ve been spending  A LOT more time doings things besides coaching. Here’s why: it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get the clients you want to find you.  For me, those blood, sweat and tears (have been, and continue to be) poured into building an online presence that’s inspiring, honest, authentic and recognizable  - as my way of promoting who I am, what I do and what I believe in. I like to think that by sharing my experiences and insights online, I’m building an audience of followers. Something that’ll be much more helpful to attract paying coaching clients than any ad-campaign could ever do.

This month has also included:

  • sending out my first (imperfect, but it’s-a-start) video message
  • saying goodbye to my first two coachees (who’ll be sharing their experiences of being coached by me here very soon)
  • me FINALLY receiving my long-awaited german tax-number,  thereby finalizing my business registration procedure (which I’ll write more about soon)
  • the creation of a survey to find more about you (!!), the struggles you face & the answers you seek (which you should fill out if you haven’t done so already).

While I continue to struggle with feeling impatient (story of my life) to get more clients, I’m also feeling increasingly confident about the flow of things and know that my business will incrementally grow each month.

As next (this) month is December, I haven’t set any business – goals really – I’m not expecting any new clients, as family gatherings, staying warm and cosy, or, if you’re  in Austria or Germany, attending as many Weihnachtsmärkte as possible, is on everyone’s mind.  And that’s fine – I too am looking forward to some cosy family-gatherings and several more Weihnachtsmarkt adventures.

But first, I have another coaching class to prepare for.

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